Update from Developers

In an email this afternoon to Shannon Pine, Planning Manager for Columbus’s Department of Building and Zoning Services, Zoning/Council Activities Section, Attorney Tom Hart, representing the applicants (Pulte Homes and Harmony Development Group), wrote and attached the following:


The three attached documents will serve as the Applicants/Developers interim update to the Development Commission on case number Z18-058. The three attachments are:

1. The PUD Text-redline with updated language from amendments adopted by the Development Commission on May 1.Final PUD Text – Sugar-Renner 6-20 to reflect 5-1 Dev. Com. Amendments (redline updated) 4850-2929-7563 v.1

2. The updated Traffic Impact Study (narrative portion only) submitted to the Division of Traffic Management on June 25, 2019. We believe this version of the TIS to be final but await final approval or possible comments from the Division of Traffic Management. (Note: We have submitted over 400 additional pages of data tables and exhibits to the Division of Traffic Management, but have only provided the study narrative portion of the TIS herein.) Final traffic improvements, other infrastructure construction and the schedule for completion to match the development phasing are to be included in the PUD Text and the Development Agreement/MOU when approved by the City and agreed to by the Applicants/Developers. Scan

3. An outline of the Applicants/Developers proposal for a Development Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding with the City, that generally covers all Developer commitments including traffic, sewer and water, stormwater best management practices installation and maintenance, parks, land conveyances, sources of funds, uses and allocation of funds, and provides comparisons to other major City Pay As We Grow projects. Sugar Farms-Renner South 7-1-2019 UPDATE TO DC and DEV. AGT OUTLINE-MJC 4829-8916-3163 v.1

The Applicants/Developers are engaged in ongoing discussions with key City departments and policy officials on all the above items and the necessary steps to finalize a Development Agreement/MOU. Such discussions and negotiations need more time than is available in order to bring the Development Agreement/MOU to Council in July prior to the summer Council recess. We will plan to further update the Development Commission at the time the Development Agreement/MOU is finalized and committed to in writing and prior to the Applicants/Developers moving forward to request City Council consideration.

Please let me know if the above meets your and the Development Commission’s condition for an interim update.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tom Hart

Attorney for the Applicants Sugar Farm/Renner South Development

Staff Report, 4/24/19, shared with the Development Commission that evening. Staff recommendation: Approval. For details, please see: https://ca.columbus.gov/CA/columbus/COLUMBUS.aspx

Traffic impact study can be viewed here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=156GTyW4y88uDcs2ydB10HBRYYRbiSpof

To see all of the documents associated with this requested rezoning, please see the city’s Citizens Access Portal: https://ca.columbus.gov/ca/ (search under “Zoning,” then “Z18-058.” Click on the “+” icons for more information, and scroll down to “Attachments” to open the .pdfs of the documents that the developers submitted through 4/19/19.)