Application information regarding all cases can be found via the City of Columbus Citizen Access Portal at
Search “Zoning” and enter the case number into the “Record” field.
(Note: Do not login as logged-in users might not see full record information.)

Once you have accessed the desired case, additional information is located in a drop down menu under “Record Info.” The “Attachments” section will include downloadable copies of the application, staff reports, and other helpful information.

Occasionally, applicants provide updated site plans or text to our Commission for consideration that may not yet appear in the portal. It is our goal to link that additional information as it becomes available here.

Once a case has received a recommendation from our Commission, the information will transfer to our Historical Cases & Recommendations page.

The following applications are tentatively scheduled to be heard at upcoming Zoning Committee Meeting(s). Final agendas are located on the Interim Meetings page one week prior to meeting dates.

October 2022 Zoning Committee Cases:

  • Case Z22-069
    • 4885 Trabue Road
    • Additional case materials: Z22-069 Link
    • Requests rezoning from R-Rural (annexed) to L-M Limited Manufacturing
    • Owner: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
    • Applicant: Buckeye XO LLC c/o Rebecca J. Mott
    • Zoning Committee (10/18/2022) Vote: 5-0 approval conditional landscaping; Full Commission (anticipated 11/22/2022)
  • Case Z22-076
    • 2480 Walcutt Road
    • Requests rezoning from R1 (Residential) & C3 (Commercial) to CPD (Commercial Planned Development)
    • Owners (6): McDowell; Alsept; Uphouse; Dodson; Dodson; Reyes
    • Applicant: SkilkenGold Development, LLC (Sheetz)
    • Zoning Committee (10/18/2022) Vote: 4-1 approval conditional traffic impact to site plan & landscaping; Full Commission (anticipated for 12/13/2022 agenda)

November 2022 Zoning Committee Cases

  • November meeting canceled due to schedule conflicts

December 2022 Zoning Committee Cases

  • No scheduled meeting in December due to holiday meeting space availability

January 2023 Zoning Committee Cases

  • Case Z22-072
    • 2505 Roberts Court
    • Request rezoning from C-2 to C-4 for drive-thru oil change facility
    • Owner: BB Building Company of Western Ohio, LLC
    • Applicant: 2505 Roberts Court, LLC

Zoning Committee Cases Pending Scheduling:

  • Case Z22-027
    • Additional case materials: Z22-027 Link
    • 2636 Hilliard Rome Road
    • Requests modification to L-C-4 to reduce parking setback on east side
    • Owner: IQ Brothers Property LLC
    • Applicant: DTT Tire and Car Services
    • Zoning Committee (6/21/2022) Vote to table: 5-0 (7/12/2022 – holding for additional information)

(Updated: 9/28/2022)