The Zoning Committee meets during the Interim Meetings scheduled for the third Tuesday of most months.

Information regarding upcoming Zoning matters is located at our Current Cases & Supplements page.

Zoning Committee Information

The Zoning Committee is responsible for reviewing Zoning changes filed with the City and making a recommendation to the Full Commission.

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Hilliard Horizon Elementary. Applicants and/or a representative must attend to present an overview and any special circumstances to support their application.

As a general rule, the Zoning Committee only hears applicants AFTER they file their application with the City. Once the application is received by the FWSAC, the applicant and/or the representative listed on the application will be notified of and invited to the next scheduled Zoning Committee meeting to present their case. IT IS IMPERATIVE TO INCLUDE FULL NAMES, PHONE NUMBERS AND EMAIL ADDRESSES of ALL parties on the application before filing with the City.

Complete applications must be received from City Staff no later than 5:00pm on the first Tuesday of the month prior to the next scheduled Interim Meeting for consideration on the agenda. No exceptions.

Projects of magnitude or extenuating circumstances may request to meet with the Zoning Committee to present information and proposed plans of their project before the application is filed, but it is important to note that no decision will be made and discussions at a preliminary meeting are non-binding and may not be construed as project approval. The decision to grant a preliminary meeting with the Zoning Committee shall be at the discretion of the Zoning Chair and/or the FWSAC Chair.

Applicants will be notified upon receipt of their application and invited to attend the next scheduled Zoning Committee meeting to present their case. Applications heard at the Zoning Committee will be heard before the Full Commission at the next Regular Meeting. The applicant should be prepared to provide a brief overview of their application and answer pertinent questions by Committee members and community members in attendance. No application will be heard without the applicant or their representative in attendance at the Zoning Committee meeting. A vote will be taken by the Zoning Committee whether to recommend approval of the application to be presented at the next Full Commission meeting.

Following the Zoning Committee meeting, the application will be presented at the next full Commission Regular meeting. Again, the applicant and/or their designated representative must be present for the application to be heard, unless otherwise advised by the Zoning Committee. Following the presentation and discussion a vote will be taken by the Commission of whether to recommend approval of the application or not. The results of this vote will then be forwarded to City Staff.

Additional Zoning Information

If you are a homeowner in the City of Columbus planning a project, please visit the City’s Building and Zoning website for more information on proper process necessary to ensure compliance with applicable city codes.

Click here for the city’s “Typical Residential Project: Permits and Plan Review Requirements.” If a project is not listed, we recommend reaching out to city staff for additional information. Contact information is located on the second page of the document or at the website link above.

Demolition Permits

Demolition permit expediting requests are handled via the following method:

  • Parcels that have had a prior zoning case considered before the Far West Side Area Commission and received a positive recommendation, will be processed within 3 working days of receipt.
  • Parcels that have no prior history with the Commission will be considered at the next available Zoning Committee meeting.