Regular meetings are held at 7:00pm on the fourth Tuesday of most months.

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Regular Meeting Agenda

May 28, 2024 at 7:00 pm

Hilliard Horizon Elementary, 6000 Renner Rd.

(Park in front; meeting is in cafeteria)

(This is where we will meet through May 2024.)

Official Business

  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approve minutes from April 23, 2024 Regular Meeting

15 Precinct Community Liaison Officer Tom Paulus – updates on criminal activity in 15 Precinct

Guest Speaker:

We do not have a guest speaker this month, but will be discussing multiple items relevant to Far West Side residents:

Capital Improvement Budget requests (such as sidewalks!)

Zone In (no parcels designated yet in the Far West Side, but will likely be in the next phase)
Galloway Road Extension project (from Hilliard-Rome Road to West Broad Street, via a bridge elevated about the CSX Railway tracks.

Zoning Committee:

  • Case BZA24-051
    • 6401 Martinelli Drive West
    • Requests variance to Code 3345.07 for rear yard setback reduction
    • Owner: D.R. Horton – Indiana LLC
    • Applicant: D.R. Horton – Indiana LLC
    • Zoning Committee (5/21/2024) Vote: 5-0 approval

City Staff Updates:

Stacey Buttel, Department of Neighborhoods Liaison, filling in for Rebecca Deeds

Cole Calloway, Legislative Analyst, Division of Community Engagement (Council)

Rob Doersam, Zone 3 Attorney, City Attorney’s Office

Committee updates:  Kristen Hosni, Chair, FWSAC Elections & Appointments Committee

Treasurer’s Report:

Old Business: Sugar Farm updates and Renner Park Buffer Zone, Galloway Road Extension

New Business:

  • Capital Improvement Budget: approve FWSAC’s list of requested items (ex. Sidewalks!)
  • Overview: Vice Chair Debi Hampton attended the April 26 Department of Neighborhoods meeting re: refreshing/adding more Neighborhood Pride Centers and the subsequent discussion of area commissions’ concerns with Zone In and potential ramifications for area commissions
  • Overview: Zone In – public hearing, Chair Rastatter attended May 7, 2024, upcoming Council hearings and Gallery dates/times
  • Department of Neighborhoods is conducting a meeting June 5 for discussion with area commissions for ways to keep area commissions (especially Zoning Committees) relevant and involved on behalf of their communities
  • Review of Zone In and its relationship to City Code Section 3109.14, C.3 – Functions and duties: “reviewing for recommendation, prior to adoption by governmental bodies, any new or revised comprehensive plan affecting the area.” Several city area commissions are requesting inclusion in the city’s Zone In process prior to the plan’s districts being codified.
  • Approve expenditures for marketing/awareness/booths, free signage through city’s print shop, etc.
  • Walcutt Road closure(s), if known
  • Any additional New Business items
  • Upcoming June, July and August meetings will take place at Hilliard Bradley High School, 2800 Walker Rd., Hilliard, OH 43026