Regular meetings are held at 7:00pm on the fourth Tuesday of most months.

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Regular Meeting Agenda
April 26, 2022 at 7:00 pm
Hilliard Horizon Elementary – 6000 Renner Road

Cafeteria – Enter through front doors and proceed to back hallway, turn left, then right to reach the cafeteria.

Official Business

  • Call to order and roll call
  • Approve March 15, 2022 Regular Meeting minutes

Guest Speakers: None this month

City Staff Updates:

15 Precinct Community Liaison Officer Tom Paulus

Rebecca Deeds, Department of Neighborhoods Liaison

Averi Townsend, Legislative Analyst

Zach Gwin, City’s Attorney’s Office, Zone 3

Zoning Committee

  • Case GC2-007
    • 2581 Walcutt Road
    • Requests variance to Codes 3376.05 & 3376.06 to modify signage
    • Owner: Peyton Park LLC
    • Applicant: Lehner Signs Inc. / Greg Bunger
    • Zoning Committee (4/19/2022) Vote: 4-0 (1 absent) approval with notation for updated scaled graphic
  • Case ZA22-002
    • Additional case materials: ZA22-002 Link
    • 905 Hilliard Rome Road
    • Requests revision to Z16-025 CPD subarea II text to permit parking, stacking, and circulation in front of a proposed fast food building
    • Owner: Menard Inc.
    • Applicant: OH Columbus Hilliard Rome LLC (Bojangles)
    • Zoning Committee (4/19/2022) Vote: 5-0 approval
  • Case GC21-048
    • 1881 Hilliard Rome Road
    • Requests variance to Code 3377.24 to permit signage on west wall of building
    • Owner: Tanglewood Park LLC
    • Applicant: Kieffer Starlight c/o Dave Perry
    • Zoning Committee (1/18/2022) Vote: 1-2 (2 absent) disapproval; Tabled (Jan-March)

Committee updates:

Treasurer’s Report:

Old Business: Sugar Farm updates

New Business:

  • Discuss and approve statement regarding stormwater variance request at former Buckeye Rail Yard site
  • Discuss and approve budget for 2022-23 fiscal year
  • Other New Business items as needed