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Sugar Farm on Columbus City Council agenda for first reading, Monday, Nov. 9, 2020 at 5pm and on Council’s Zoning Committee agenda for a second (final) reading, Mon., Nov. 16, 2020. 
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Write a letter, be specific, add support data, include photos of concerns.

Copy and paste the emails below to your email. The list includes all City of Columbus City Council Members, their Legislative Aides and their Legislative Assistants. The list also includes the Far West Side Area Commission and our City of Columbus Neighborhood Liaison, in order for us all to receive the same information. Letters should be sent no later than noon on Monday, November 16 for inclusion in the official record.


Basic points: Environment (stream restoration), Density, Multi-Unit Variance (4-story apartments, 50′ tall. City code currently permits 35′ max height), Traffic. If you’re adjacent to the proposed development site and use well water and septic and are concerned about the proposed development’s affect on your systems,, please share your concerns in your email.

Sugar Farm “Exhibits” (drawings/map/sample facades, layout of houses/multifamily/traffic improvements, etc.) This also shows the decreased density (by 10 homes) behind Renner/Alton-Darby homes as residents have requested: 02-ORD1685-2020_PUD EXHIBITS Oct. 27, 2020

Sugar Farm PUD (Planned Unit Development) development text (final version will be the legal wording for everything outlined and included in the plan): 03-ORD1685-2020_ PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT (PUD) TEXT Oct. 27, 2020

Far West Side Area Commission “Sugar Farm Discussions” with Councilmember/Zoning Committee Chair Priscilla Tyson (Oct. 12, 2020):